Il brand Di Lorenzo presenta una linea di borse completamente innovativa, destinata alla donna al passo con la moda, che non si accontenta e chiede il massimo al suo accessorio più importante.


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The Company

Style Inspiration


Pelletteria Campania s.r.l., born from the Di Lorenzo family’s ten-year experience in the leather goods field, employs highly specialized figures and quickly becomes an established leader in the sector; the financial trend evolves rapidly, determining an increase in turnover and a productive marketing appreciated not only by the national market, but above all by the foreign one.

The company competes with other prestigious brands and acquires direct sales experience in national and international fairs and exhibitions.

The new Di Lorenzo brand presents a completely innovative line of bags, aimed at the woman in step with fashion, who is not satisfied and asks the best from her most important accessory.

The brand produces totally surprising models of bags, MADE IN ITALY, offered to a modern woman, with a chic and metropolitan soul, who wants to enhance her look not only in some special moments of her life, but also in everyday life. her.

The Di Lorenzo world is innovative, trendy. The bags are made with extreme attention to even the smallest details, so as to present themselves perfectly, with a unique, classy and distinctive style.